Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Impulse?

How many times do I have to spray the pump?

You can decide to how much to spray to get the ‘right’ level of fragrance for you.


Where on my body do I spray it?

We suggest neck, wrists and body but the choice is yours. Do not apply to irritated skin.


Do I need to shake the pump pack before using?

There is no need to shake the pump before application.


Where should I store this?

It is best to store the products in a cool, dry place. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50C.


What does Sweet Caramel + Electric Blossom smells like?

There are notes of crisp apple, sparkling Lemonade, chantilly peach blossom, vanilla caramel and musk.


What does Tropical Beach + Espresso smell like?

There are notes of raspberry, coconut, coffee and dry amber.


What does Burnt Marshmallow + Leather Jacket smell like?

There are notes of water melon, pink pepper, marshmallow, coconut milk, dark wood and vanilla.


What does Purple Petals + Smoky sky smell like?

There is a crispy nectarine and black cassis facets. With a rich floral heart containing jasmine and white gardenia.


What does Fizzy Apple + Festival Fields smell like?

There are notes of crisp apple, blackcurrant with a delicate floral heart of freesia and hyacinth with a woody powdery back.