About Us

Fragrance can be powerful. It can give us confidence as well as be a very personal form of self-expression. Impulse has always believed in the importance of feeling empowered to express your true self. To be unapologetically unique and to feel confident in who you are and what you believe in – we call this “Trust Your Impulse”.

A Handbag Essential Since the 80s

Impulse Spice Girls pack

SPICE UP YOUR LIFE. 1997 brought us a fragrance that was an explosive cocktail of ingredients reflecting each individual member of the Spice Girls.  It was bold, fun and a little bit unpredictable, just like the band.

Tease Evolution Impulse

TEASE.  Our popular Tease Body Spray was launched in 2006. Head to our Products page to find out more about Tease.

Charli XCX Impulse

WHY NOT? By CHARLI XCX.  Impulse has developed a number of Limited Edition packs throughout the years – one of our favourites was Why Not? By Charli XCX.

Impulse Body Mists Original

IMPULSE BODY MISTS.  2017 brought the launch of our popular Impulse Body Mists. Head to a product page to check out the full range!

Impulse Body Mists - New

AND NOW...  We have revamped the ranges again, with brand new body spray and body mist designs for 2019!