Step Up Your Summer Spritz Game

Step Up Your Summer Spritz Game!

The weather’s getting warmer and your diary is getting busier as summer is finally here. Updating your summer schedule is one thing, but picking a scent to match is even more exciting, and this is where our selection of Body Mists come in! 

Summer is here! Sun is out, festivals are on, holidays are starting – there’s no better time of year. Whatever your summer plans, Impulse has got you covered with a range of Body Mists that complement any occasion, and keep you feeling fresh, and smelling fabulous.

Our Body Mists feature bold and beautiful bottle designs and will give you that uplifting fragrance, confidence and independence you’re looking for. From our fresh Fizzy Apple + Festival Fields Body Mist to our sweet Burnt Marshmallow + Leather Jacket scent, we have a Body Mist for any occasion.

When you know you smell good, you feel good - so let Impulse be your secret weapon this summer, as our Body Mists give you the confidence to trust your Impulse, one spritz at a time. 

 Find your perfect summer mist match below:

HoliYAY Get Away 

The countdown is over, your holiday is here! Our Tropical Beach + Espresso Body Mist combines coconut and bold espresso to get you into athat holiday mood. Relax as the scent of orange flower, coconut and patchouli blend together for that beach inspired fragrance, followed by the energising scent of coffee – getting you ready for every holiday adventure. The glowing golden bottle design  features gorgeous green palm leaves, that just shouts out summer. Tan lines fade, but with the Tropical Beach + Espresso Body Mist, the scent of summer haze can linger for longer.  

Festival Vibes   

Glitter, wellies, music - all festival essentials, but don’t forget your fresh and fruity handbag essential! There’s nothing better than spending hours dancing in the fresh air, and with Impulse Fizzy Apple + Festival Fields Body Mist you can keep festival fresh throughout. Don’t let anything dull your shine, and double up with this sparkling, festival green bottle with shimmering multi coloured designs.  A blend of crispy apples clashing with fresh freesia and a hint of vanilla creates the perfect festival mist, spritz again and again to reminisce the feeling of summer freedom and extravagance. 

Weekend Barbeques  

Summer and barbeques go hand in hand, of course. For a casual, chic evening look, chuck on a leather jacket to add a bit of an edge, and spritz the Impulse Burnt Marshmallow + Leather Jacket Body Mist to leave you smelling sensational from day to night. As it turns to evening and you don’t want the day to end, spritz this body mist for a cosy scent blending spicy pink pepper, gooey marshmallow and vanilla.

Camping Under the Stars 

Make the most of the summer heat and see the sights with an adventure outdoors. Bonfires, picnics and staring at the stars are what makes the camping experience! But even in the wonderful outdoors you want to smell on point, so we have the Body Mist for you. Discover our Impulse Purple Petals + Smoky Sky Body Mist - an enticing blend of sandalwood clashed against jasmine and white gardenia. The statement design of falling petals printed against a bright bold purple bottle will make this Body Mist the perfect fragrance and handbag accessory. So, trust your Impulse and explore the great outdoors with Impulse Purple Petals + Smoky Sky Body Mist by your side. 

Garden Party 

Looking for something floral this summer? Look no further as the Impulse Sweet Caramel + Electric Blossom offers an enticing fragrance with sweet caramel, vanilla and peach blossom - perfect for the season. Spritz Impulse Sweet Caramel + Electric Blossom to give you the confidence to socialise the day, and night, away. 

Discover the scent of your summer with our popular Impulse Body Mists! No matter the scenario, Impulse has got a mist to match, so spritz your next signature scent and enjoy the long summer days. Whatever your plans - trust your Impulse and make this a summer you won’t forget.

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