Ready, Set, Glow With The Brand New Impulse Shimmer Fragrances

Step Up Your Summer Spritz Game!

Gang, the glow is about to get real! Prepare to amp up your glam game as Impulse introduces its first ever Shimmer Fragrance range. Pairing high-glow glimmer with scent-sational fragrance, this is a mist-have you never knew you needed. Own the limelight and get set to beam more than ever before with this show-stopping shimmer, combined with an unbeatable scent. The ingenious fragrance formula can be used to accentuate make-up or add a gorgeous gleam to bare skin – so, glow get them! With four signature scents in the collection all with their own unstoppable shimmer shade, Lunar, Solar, Quartz and Prism, we’ve got one to suit every impulse – whatever your complexion or mood. Embrace the best of both worlds with the Impulse Shimmer Fragrance range - a gentle mist combining coconut's moisturising nutrience with a touch of Impulse fragrance, and shimmer to leave you hydrated and sparkling – what more could you want? Laced with light-reflecting particles and coconut oil, these multi-tasking mists refresh your skin whilst leaving a soft, luminous glow, giving you the confidence to trust your impulse one spritz at a time. Ideal for staying in and perfecting your go-to glam, or wowing outside under the Sun’s rays, the stand-out shimmer formula is packed with super-concentrated pigment, making an impact as a highlighter or an all-over body glow – you’ll be addicted to the radiant results.

So, trust your impulse and get ready to be radiant. Find your perfect match from the full collection


Gold, intense and impactful – Solar will give you a shimmer that’s far from subtle. This mesmerising medley is a fruity scent with a floral twist. Packed with luxurious gold pigments, spritz Solar across the collarbones for that golden hour gleam or tap onto your cheekbones for a highlight that’ll leave you glowing from this Solar system to the next!  


Let it glow from the first spritz of Prism. Pairing a multi-layered scent with a stand-out shimmer, Prism is a oriental inspired must-have in your regime. The peachy tone of the pigments combines with the notes of ylang ylang and apple, creating both an illuminating and enticing fragrance.


Easy, breezy, yet unforgettable – Quartz pairs a shimmering pale pink elixir with an airy, floral fragrance. Layer to increase intensity or apply in small amounts to leave a low level yet illuminating sheen. The combination of fragrance notes including cherry blossom and sea breeze make a scent that is not only multifaceted but head turning.


Whether you’re catching the moonlight or the sun at its full beam, this fruity scented shimmer gives radiant results. Turn up the intensity by using this Shimmer Fragrance as an illuminating highlight on cheekbones, collarbones or wherever the light catches – no matter where it goes, Luna will give you glow. The cocktail of fragrance notes adds to its impact, as hints of peach, fig and freesia combine to make a must-have shimmer mist.

So gang, get ready to trust your Impulse and discover your signature scent from the NEW Shimmer Fragrance range! No matter the occasion, Impulse has got the shimmer mist to match, so READY, SET, GLOW!

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